The Course Syllabus

COURSE CODE: Lit101 Philippine Literature

DESCRIPTION: This course introduces college students to the major genres of Philippine literature across various regional/ethnic cultures from pre-colonial times to the present, through a sampling of pieces in English, Filipino, and Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a and Aklanon, as well as translations from various regional languages. It employs reading strategies that will help students draw out insights and values from literature and appreciate the relevance of studying literature and culture to their lives and to the nation. This course gives primacy to literature by West Visayans to foster appreciation for the contribution of the region to Philippine literature.

Deriada, Leoncio and Isidoro m. Cruz. 1999. Baul, A Collection of Philippine Literature for College Readers. Iloilo City: Commission on Higher Education and Seguiban Press.

Lumbera, Bienvenido and Cynthia N. Lumbera. 1997. Philippine Literature: A History and Anthology. Pasig City: Anvil Publishing.

GENERAL OBJECTIVES: By the end of the semester, the students shall have:
1. Characterized the various types of Philippine literature in relation to the particular historical conditions that had produced them;
2. Analyzed sample representative works by Filipinos from various regions in terms of their human, cultural, and social significance;
3. Presented original literary compositions in traditional West Visayan genres (composo, paktakon, hurobaton, binalaybay, etc.);
4. Researched on local/West Visayan folklore for presentation in a class forum;
5. Demonstrated the Augustinian values of critical thinking, pursuit of wisdom, social consciousness/concern for the common good, and creativity through projects and class activities.


Periodic Examination 50%
Class Standing 50%
• Project (local folklore collection and documentation; group presentation of output in a culminating activity)
• Quizzes
• Assignments
• Class Activities/Participation/Recitation/Attendance


Elsed Togonon is a Language and Literature teacher at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City and a member of Dagyang Pulong(a group of young Western Visayan writers).  He has been a product of creative writing workshops like the Fray Luis de Leon Creative Writing Institute of the University of San Agustin and the 10th Iyas Creative Writing Workshop sponsored by the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts. His poems and short stories are published in SanAg and Panay News.  He was also a panelist during the 2012 Taboan Writers Festival held in Clark, Pampanga. Currently, Mr. Togonon takes his M.A. in English and Literature at the West Visayas State University and recently reestablished the Mirror Poetry Guild, a student group pioneered by notable poets and writers in Western Visayas.

Contact Details:

Cellphone # 09162764035

E-mail Address:

Twitter Name: @el_sedtogonon



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  1. jae arr macalisang March 20, 2015 at 2:31 pm #

    hello good evening.. may i know the history of phil drama? i cant find the answer in the or even from books i badly need it for my report.. can please help me wth that… PLEASE…

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