The Course Outline

I. Definition and Nature of Literature
a. Definition of Literature
b. Functions of Literature
c. Language of Literature
i. Sensory language
ii. Figures of speech
d. Genres of Literature
i. Fiction
ii. Poetry
iii. Drama
iv. Cinema

II. Overview of Philippine Literature

III. Pre-colonial Literature
a. Paktakon (riddles)
b. Hurubaton (proverbs)
c. Lo-a
d. Folk songs
e. Siday sa Pamalaye
f. Folk Narratives
i. Importance of mythology
ii. The Creatures of Philippine Lower Mythology
iii. A Visayan Creation Myth
iv. Philippine Legends
v. Artistic Determinants of Folktales and Mythology
g. Epics
i. Tarangban
ii. Tudbulul
iii. Lam-ang

IV. Spanish Colonial Period
a. “May Bagyo Ma’t May Rilim”
b. “Urbana at Feliza” by Modesto Castro
c. “Ang Dapat Mabatid ng mga Tagalog” by Andres Bonifacio
d. West Visayan composo

V. American Colonial Period
a. “Footnote to Youth” by Jose Garcia Villa
b. “Sonnet I” [First a poem…] by Jose Garcia Villa
c. “Si Anabella” by Magdalena Jalandoni

VI. Japanese Occupation
a. Panaghoy sa Suba a film by Cesar Montano
b. May Day Eve by Nick Joaquin

VII. Contemporary Period
a. Poetry
i. “Elegy” by Fr. Gilbert Luis R. Centina, OSA
ii. “Dishes” by Conchitina Cruz
iii. “Among the Fountains of Villa d’Este” by Cirilo Bautista
iv. “Ang Baboy” by John Iremil E. Teodoro
v. “Kitikiti sa Benditadong Tubig” by Alex de Juan
vi. “Hibi sang Tagumatayon nga Pawikan” by Lucila Hosillos
vii. “Child” by Alex delos Santos
viii. “Balaki Ko ‘Day” by Adonis Durado

VIII. Contemporary Period (continued)
a. Fiction
i. “Flood in Tarlac”
ii. “Week of the Whales” by Dr. Leoncio Deriada
iii. “Aswang” ni Isabel Sebullen
iv. “Dawata Anak” ni Alice Tan-Gonzales
v. “taga-uma@manila” ni Genevieve Asenjo
b. Drama/Film




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