12 Jun


This page offers you information about our lessons and activities inside the classroom.  As a paperless environment, our class is provided with handouts and other academic supplements which you can access  just a click away.

More than just an informative site, this page also serves as a hub for students who wish to display their literary prowess.  Yup, you read it right.  Submissions of poems, short stories, essays and other articles are highly welcomed.  If you want to gain points for your class standing, what better way to let the world know of your thoughts and feelings than to expunge your passion (not to mention you knack for words) and be read by everyone.  And earn a higher grade (though that is unnecessarily important).  Remember, literature is creative expression.

A reminder though, this page is not a replacement for our classroom discussion. Nothing can beat the joy of savoring the stories and poems in the real classroom.

As a jump start, kindly browse our course syllabus to have an overview of the subject as well as the literary pieces that we are going to discuss the whole semester.

Thank you and have fun!

-Sir Elsed S. Togonon, your crazy literature teacher


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